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The girl from Zagreb

The girl from Zagreb

The Cult Novel of the Generations that Lived through Sexual Revolution and the End of Communism.

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The Girl from Zagreb was first published in 1974 and has since seen 12 editions. It soon acquired the status of a cult novel that marked one era, but at the same time it is a novel read by many generations. By telling a story about Marijana, a girl from Zagreb, the novel speaks about a generation growing up. Marijana comes from an upper class family, she is in a student at medical school, preparing to become a doctor. However, she does not stick to the milieu in which she grew up, but ventures into different parts of the city, not avoiding its periphery. She is promiscuous, she sleeps with rich men and leads a wild life. For her, family is a fake, spent, hypocritical union in which parents strive only to gain reputation and power. Glumac does not offer a happy end to this story, far from it. And precisely because of the fact that he did not embellish anything, but brutally stripped the people and their behavior of all the disguises, in the situations that are alive today just as they were 40 years ago, The Girl from Zagreb is a novel new generations will also love.
Šifra artikla 4010-08872
Književni žanr Proza
Autor Branislav Glumac
Broj stranica 196
Uvez Meki
Izdavač V.B.Z.
Godina izdanja 2014

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