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The Balkan express

The Balkan Express

"In the tradition of George Orwell's Shooting an Elephant or Primo Levi's Writings on Auschwitz, Drakulić has sought and found illumination by focusing on the details of daily life under pressure."

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"Through short, but deeply felt essays on everything from house paint and high-heeled shoes to point-blank murder, Drakulić tells the story of The Balkan Crisis as people are living it. This is firsthand war reporting without body counts or strategic analyses;  in-depth political commentary without the statements of presidents or the opinions of self-appointed experts. Drakulić focuses on individual lives… using the perversions that war forces onto everyday life to reveal the true complexity of the crisis and the enormity of the task of reconciliation."
Šifra artikla 4010-03188
Književni žanr Proza
Autor Slavenka Drakulić
Broj stranica 164
Uvez Meki
Izdavač V.B.Z.
Biblioteka The best of croatian literature
Godina izdanja 2012.
Izdanje Prvo

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