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How we survived communism and even laughed

How we survived communism and even laughed

Slavenka Drakulić has been called the Simone de Beauvoir of eastern europe, and this book is a testament to why.

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If "How we survived communism" were simply the first feminist report on women's lives in eastern Europe, it would be essential reading in every women’s studies program. The beauty and precision of Drakulić’s writing make it much more than that: we can feel these lives, walk into their rooms, smell their soup. We can get under the skin of her fear as war enters her city. Never underestimate the need for such particular knowledge, our need to grasp the ambiguity, hesitation, and conflict at the roots of theory.
Šifra artikla 4010-03291
Književni žanr Proza
Autor Slavenka Drakulić
Broj stranica 196
Uvez Meki
Izdavač V.B.Z.
Biblioteka The best of croatian literature
Godina izdanja 2013.
Izdanje Prvo

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